Instant SSL Certificates

Instant SSL - Instant Assurance & Powerful Encryption

Comodo's Organization Validation line is a great fit for Small to Medium-sized Businesses
The Comodo Instant SSL line is the company's Organization Validation line, providing light business authentication and powerful encryption to companies looking to do more than just the minimum. We live in an age where encryption is considered a baseline. It's expected. Don't do the minimum. Add instant credibility with Instant SSL certificates from Comodo.

Instant SSL Certificates

InstantSSL Premium Wildcard (OV)


Securing one domain and all of your subdomains is easy with the Comodo Premium SSL wildcard SSL certificate. This certificate will protect and all of the associated subdomains like,, etc. Also, since this is an Organization Validated (OV) certificate, it will help enhance the trust in your website by activating imagery like "https", the padlock icon next to the URL, and the Comodo Site Seal, which will display real-time company data when a user clicks it. This wildcard SSL certificate is an excellent option for medium-sized companies and ecommerce sites that wish to bolster the trust their users will have with them.